Saturday, April 2, 2011

unB[ ]X process

An illustrate of the notion "thinking outside of the box". The pencil breaks through the box from the outside and set free fantasy creatures. Maybe "break through" are not the right words. It is the artist's action that transforms the regular thinking pattern to set his creativity free.

Yes, we, illustrators, can draw any fiction image, but this box is produceable. 
And it is easy to make one yourself.

You can make B[  ]X with any typeface, too, including Arial. Let's play with the keyboard. Fun, isn't it?

However, it is totally not easy to do it in 3D Max. I had a hard time choosing the direction of the final finish. I like them all.

Is anyone wondering what is the odd little square before unB[ ]X? It's called QR code. A new bar code that generates a sentence, usually a link. (I learn about it in CSI.) Scan it with your smart phone. It will link to my online portfolio. You can generate one online for free.