Friday, August 5, 2011

Work, work, and work...

A draft for a bookcover I'm working on. The cover may turn out very different. We'll see...
Managing 3 blogs and one online portfolio is really time consuming. 
I'm still working on my unB[  ]X project. So far I have finished the logo and the type display.  I was trying to figure out how to present the work on unB[ ]X your creativity, the blog created just for this project. I wanted to change the layout of the blog to have a better layout. This involved the coding part behind the blog which is quite complicated. After all, I gave up the on screen presentation and decide to concentrate on the work itself. I also want to bring my online portfolio from Krop database to Tumblr.
So I'm planning to have 2 blogs: unB[ ]X your creativity (only for unB[  ]X project), Square of the day (only for photography); and my online portfolio on Tumblr; then this blog as an online journal. Lots of work here and there. Well, summer is cleaning up time.

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