Thursday, March 24, 2011

Once upon a time...(cont.)

I am happy with the roller coaster Once upon a time. Maybe I won't have time to make it an animation like I thought. I would rather spend that time experiment with other ideas. So here is one of my ideas. 
Oh, I forgot to mention the assignment is Type expression for movie which presents the genre of the movie. There is no real movie here. I just have to pick a genre. 
I chose psychology drama at first. It is tough. Many of my experiments come out "horror". I think this one works somehow. I discussed about it with a friend who is also interested in typography. We came up with a plot for the movie just for fun. It is about a young and talented technical engineer who works in a surgery equipment company. He invented a new tool. The tool is supposed to be used to save people but it can also be a weapon to kill. He begins to obsessed with the idea of killing someone just to know how well it works. He is a perfectionist by the way. There is no blood shed. He doesn't kill anyone at the end because it is not a horror movie, thrilling maybe...We didn't get to where the movie ends yet.
I like the plot and think the type treatment will work for this genre. Somehow I got this:

I like this one, too. But now I see a graphic novel in animation. Keep playing with it....

It became a children's book illustration. It's funny that I ended up coming back to children's book style.
I see a village with a small isolated house. There is smoke coming out of the chimney, and a sheep munching grass outside...
Ok, I need to come up with another plot for this.

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